Terms and Conditions

The Children’s Garden has aligned all Admission and Re-registration Policies with other Taaleem schools as follows:

The cut-off date for admission to any grade level is 31st December, e.g. children entering Pre-K must be three years of age before 31st December 2013. They must also be potty trained. In addition, Nursery children must have started the potty training process with the aim of being fully trained by the end of the year.

All Nursery children will be taught in English, whereas the languages of instruction for Pre-K and KG 1 and 2 children are English and German at TCG Green Community, and French and English at TCG Barsha and Jumeirah with equal emphasis given to either. Arabic is also delivered as a second language.

Nursery: English only
Two-year-olds may enrol on a full day (8.30am – 2pm) or half day basis (8.30am – 12pm) for three or five days per week.

Pre-KG: English / French and English / German with Arabic as a second language
Three-year-olds must enrol for five days with the option of half or full days (Green Community: 8.15am – 12pm or 8.15am – 2.15pm. Jumeirah and Barsha: 8.30am – 12pm or 8.30am – 2pm).

KG 1 and 2: English/ French and English/German with Arabic as a second language
Four-year-olds must enrol on a full day basis (Green Community: 8.15am – 2.15pm. Jumeirah and Barsha: 8.30am – 2.30pm).

Graduates who have completed a full academic year in KG 2 at The Children’s Garden are guaranteed a place in a Taaleem school, subject to meeting the application deadline and the terms and conditions of the school applied for: if the application has been received by January 31st of the current academic year and if the child’s educational needs can be met by the receiving school.

1. Application Fee: this is one time payment of AED500 and is non-refundable. This fee is required.

2. Joining class lists and starting classes: Students will not be admitted to classes and their name will not appear on class lists until Term 1 fees are paid in full.

3. Registration and Re-registration fees: please note that the Re-Registration/Registration fee is payable as soon as you have been notified in writing of your child’s placement. The Re-Registration Fee is required every academic year to secure your child’s placement. The Registration/Re-Registration fee is non-refundable but transferrable to other Taaleem schools.

4. Pro-rated Invoice/Discount: Applicable for Late Joiners in Term 1 and Term 2.

5. Extra-curricular activities can only be paid for in cash.

6. Transfers between the three TCG branches (Green Community, Jumeira, Al Barsha 2) are depending on the availability of places at the branch. The terms and conditions of TCGs apply.