Stay Healthy


A very effective way to fight germs is hand washing, especially after using the toilet, before eating, after the playground or handling pets. Your child should get used to hand washing as part of their daily routine.

Hand Sanitisers

You are welcome to supply your child with hand sanitisers, which come in handy pocket sizes. However, hand sanitisers do not replace washing hands with soap. 


Your GP should always advise you of the types of vaccinations that your child might require. When moving abroad or travelling for holidays, always make sure that you and your child receive the vaccinations required for those countries. 


A healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet will improve your child’s cell function, resulting in a better immune and digestive system. Ideally, sweets should only be given as a treat once in a while. It is also very important to have your child become used to brushing their teeth at least twice a day and to drinking water regularly. There are plenty of great websites with lots of tips about nutrition and more for children. 


Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day will keep the whole body functioning properly. Two thirds of our body consists of water, which aids the kidneys, liver, digestion and blood circulation. Drinking water is particularly in the UAE climate, because of its year-round sunshine and high temperatures during the summer months. 

Enough Rest

Getting enough sleep is important for your overall health, and the younger children are, the more sleep they require. Toddlers in particular require around 10 to 12 hours’ sleep each night, compared to adults who require about 8 hours. 


Everyone benefits from regular exercise. Active children will: have stronger muscles and bones; feel happier and well-balanced due to body-released hormones; be less likely become overweight; decrease their risk of developing type 2 diabetes or other diseases; have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels; and last but not least, have a better outlook on life.

Not only do regular exercises provide major health benefits but children who exercise also sleep better, and are much better equipped to handle daily physical and emotional challenges.