Our Mission

The Children’s Garden (TCG), Taaleem’s multi-lingual kindergarten, nursery and pre-school, was established in Dubai in 2005. We were one of the city’s first truly multi-lingual Early Years facilities to provide a caring, friendly and fun environment for children aged 2 to 6 in the Green Community, Jumeira and Al Barsha.

‘Childhood should be a journey, not a race’Our philosophy emphasises the importance of allowing children the time to develop holistically and at a pace that suits them. Once our children’s confidence, social and emotional skill sets are firmly established, they will be far more capable of coping successfully with the more rigorous academic pressures and expectations of ‘big’ school. We want to support the development of children who seize opportunities before them with confidence and excitement.

Our vision is to nurture happy children and help them to identify and develop their passions and talents.

Our mission is to encourage every child’s independence, creative thinking, linguistic skills, confidence and artistic development, ensuring they are fully equipped for tomorrow’s global world.

We celebrate the diversity of our global community by giving an increased emphasis on the development of the mother tongue and by actively engaging our parents with the daily life at The Children’s Garden.