Our Maths programme at TCG is taught in a fun way through games, songs and activities carried out by the class teacher. It emphasises concepts such as:

• Patterns

• Analytical thinking

• Problem solving

• Numeracy

• Positioning

• Operations and more

Why is Maths important?

Researchers say that it is crucial to build the foundations of solid mathematical abilities in children while they’re still between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. Providing a fun, confidence-inspiring learning environment is an essential part of this equation. At TCG, we give Maths the attention it deserves within the greater framework of our Early Years Programme, and we have found that the best way to teach it is within a unique space for the subject. Each class, on a rotational basis uses our Maths Garden so that all TCG children have access to a full range of innovative activities and games designed for their edification and education.

All about patterns

• Mathematics is the study of patterns

• Studying patterns is an opportunity to observe, hypothesise, experiment, discover and create

• Studying patterns is a great way to integrate Mathematics with the other disciplines within our wide programme, including music, creative 
writing, social studies and science

• Patterning is often categorised as ‘Algebra’, and algebra is also all about spotting relationships

• Arabs have used patterns in education and aesthetics for thousands of years. You can see beautiful Arabic patterns in mosques and on 
buildings here in Dubai. 

Other nations that have also developed unique cultural uses for patterns include: Native Americans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese and