Frequently Asked Questions

 When to start pre-school?

This is a very personal decision and depends on the circumstances and preferences of the parents and the needs and personality of the child. International pre-schools or kindergartens typically cater for children from 2/3 years upwards, and some offer 3 or 5 days a week to allow for a gentle introduction to pre-school. 

Where are we located in Dubai?

You can find The Children’s Garden in Jumeira 2, the Green Community in Dubai Investments Park and Al Barsha 2. We recommend choosing a location that is no more than 20-30 minutes from your home or work, so you and your child do not spend too much time in the car. 

Is a visit recommended?

Although our informative website provides you with an insight and overview, we encourage a visit so we can give you a full tour to experience life at The Children’s Garden first hand and let us answer any questions you may have. You are very welcome to come and see us in action! 

Quality and experience of our team?

When you visit us, you are more than welcome to inquire about the background and experience of our classroom teachers, their previous work experience and how long they have been with us. If time allows, you may even want to have a quick chat with some of our teachers. Our senior staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and you are welcome to make a prior appointment to ensure all your queries are answered if more appropriate. Please also visit the ‘Our Team’ section on our website for details on our entire staff. 

What programme do we offer?

Our well developed, multi-lingual Early Years Programme ensures that students gain invaluable exposure to languages, movement, music, the arts, literacy and numeracy. It also encourages children to play and explore, to discover and grow, to persevere, learn and understand in a caring, secure and fun environment. We run the ICLCA curriculum in conjunction with the very best Early Years programmes and strategies from around the world. 

Which Languages do we offer?

We offer English, French, German and Arabic. German, however, is only offered at TCG Green Community, and French is only offered at TCG Barsha and Jumeira. 

Where to go after the last year at TCG?

If you and your family are staying in Dubai, you will have the option to have your child transferred to one of our sister schools: if you child has completed a full academic year in KG 2 at TCG Green Community, he/she can join Taaleem’s Greenfield Community School (GCS), an IB World Continuum School in Dubai Investments Park. For children at our branch in Al Barsha, we offer entry into Dubai British School Jumeira Park (DBSJP). They will also get preference at Greenfield Community School or any other Taaleem school. For children at our branch in Jumeira, Taaleem’s Jumeira Baccalaureate School (JBS), an International Baccalaureate World School, will apply.

Kindly note that places at any of our Taaleem schools are guaranteed if your child has completed a full academic year in KG 2 at The Children’s Garden, subject to meeting the application deadline and the terms and conditions of the school applied for: if the application has been received by January 31st of the current academic year and if the child’s educational needs can be met by the receiving school.

Our History

We are part of the Taaleem family of schools, the second largest education provider in the United Arab Emirates. Taaleem was established in 2004 and The Children’s Garden first opened its doors in 2005 in the Green Community, Dubai Investments Park. Due to its popularity, TCG Jumeira was launched in 2009, followed by TCG Barsha in 2012. 


The facilities at any of our TCGs have been designed with children in mind to provide a safe, inspiring and happy ‘home from home’ environment. Other major factors in any facility are the security and safety – kindergartens, nurseries, pre-schools and schools in Dubai are inspected and approved by the Civil Defence and Dubai Municipality. We are also officially approved by and registered with Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). 

Diversity of our community

Our children at TCG hail from nearly 40 different countries, with the majority coming from Germany, Canada, UK, US, France, India, Jordan, Italy and Austria. We are very proud of and celebrate the wonderful environment this diversity brings. 

When should we apply?

It is recommended to apply as early as possible if you have decided which school you would like your child/ren go to. Most schools use an online application system, which makes the process very easy for parents, particularly if parents are still overseas and would like to secure a seat before arriving in Dubai. Preferred and popular schools tend to fill up very fast and also develop waitlists. An application fee applies but that does not bind parents contractually to the school and parents still have an option to choose another school even after the application fee is paid. 

Reporting and communication with parents?

As in our other Taaleem schools, TCG uses the 6-Delta Communicator App to keep our parents up to date during the academic year. Along with regular newsletters and diaries, the Communicator App is a main source of information on general news at school, school-wide events and alerts. The Communicator is a pop-up, which will self-install on phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops and can be downloaded here:

Follow us on Facebook
All the TCGs have their own official Facebook page for posting photos of events and activities taking place at school. Follow and ‘Like’ us to see all our impressive student activities. What are our class sizes?Depending on the age group (Nursery to KG 2), our class sizes range from 16 students to maximum of 24 children. 

Do we provide transportation?

At present we do not provide transportation. We do however kindly request our parents to inform our Reception staff if your child is being picked up by someone other than the parent to ensure your child’s safety. 

Do we provide food to the children?

We do not offer food but encourage our parents to provide their child/ren with healthy snacks and lunches only. Please note that we are a nuts-free and pork-free facility. We also do not support sweets or crisps to be brought in. There are plenty of water coolers in the school to ensure your child stays properly hydrated throughout the day. 

When do the children begin to read and write?

In Pre-KG, children are introduced to letter sounds through songs and stories. In KG 1, they will learn the 26 initial letter sounds and also how to form simple words and write their names. From KG 2, children will take reading books home and will be introduced to numeracy. Your children will learn at their own pace and our teachers will support and challenge them to meet their potential in a nurturing and skilled way. 

Does my child have to be potty trained?

For Nursery children we have nannies that help children when needed. However, parents are required to provide us with a change of clothes and a nappy bag.

Children from Pre-KG to KG 2 have to be potty trained; otherwise we regret that we cannot accept them into TCG. We do however encourage parents to provide us with a set of spare clothes so we are prepared should the need arise. 

How to apply to TCG

To find out whether TCG is the right pre-school for your child/ren, we recommend that you come and visit any of our branches so we can give you a tour of the facilities, explain our multi-lingual Early Years Programme and answer any questions that you may have.